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No panic in face of Earthquake
PCCW safeguarded corporate clients from risks in a timely manner
The tragedy in Japan acts as a timely reminder for all businesses to review their operational measures against sudden changes in business environment, where having a reliable service provider is of utmost priority.
On March 11, Japan was severely hit by the 8.9 magnitude quake and the tsunami it unleashed. Many of Japan’s economic activities suffered from such a tragedy, of which the adverse effect also struck enterprises in Hong Kong, whether or not they are engaging in selling Japan-related products and services.
Earthquake damaged undersea cables
Enterprises in Hong Kong came dangerously close to suffering heavy losses when optical-fiber telecoms cables connecting Hong Kong with major trading zones in US and Asia were severely damaged by the 8.9 magnitude quake.
Japan’s position in the Pacific Ocean to the east of the Asian continent is crucial to the international communications network because it is a strategic switching point location for major continental optical-fiber submarine cables.
Quick action saved enterprises from disruption
PCCW immediately activated an emergency response system that deployed additional resources to snap up remaining international bandwidth and connection points within 48 hours over the weekend following the Friday earthquake.
This fast action, which involved reconfiguring external network traffic and increasing bandwidth capacity, saved corporate clients from disruption to their international communications and connections when business operations resumed on Monday, March 14.
Unswerving dedication to customer service
Larry Wong, PCCW’s Commercial Group Senior Vice President of Marketing and Products, said: “Every second counted. We had to compete with telecoms operators in neighboring countries for international bandwidth, in order to bring network traffic back to normal fast and avoid breakdowns in our clients’ business operations.”
“Our success was the result of PCCW professionals working tirelessly to find alternative traffic routes before the majority of our corporate clients were even aware of any network disruption. This was a shining example of our unswerving dedication to customer service.” Wong added.
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