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Free Wi-Fi is a retail sweetheart
Small investment and big return for a modern form of hospitality
We are living in an era of smartphones, tablets and lightweight laptops that offer extensive functionality. Everyone can now connect to the Internet 24/7, indoors and while out and about. A free Wi-Fi solution is perfect for on-the-go Internet users and provides a high performance-to-price ratio strategy that attracts customers for the retail and service sectors. PCCW ICT TODAY interviewed two entirely different service providers to get their points of view.
Y: Yamane Salon is renowned for a mysterious black decor among the multitude of bars and restaurants in LKF Central. M: Medical Center provides one-stop medical services to residents and workers in different districts.
Q: Why do you provide free Wi-Fi?

Most of our customers are office workers. They always carry their smartphones/laptops and staying connected to the Internet is a must at every moment, whether during a working day or weekend. Of course, they can use 3G to connect to the Internet, but they tend to opt for free Wi-Fi as it is faster and the connectivity is free. In fact, free Wi-Fi gives them another reason to visit us.
Free Wi-Fi is an extra service offered by the medical center. Patients in the waiting room are as entertained as if we were showing TV programs! In addition, most patients attend appointments during office hours, so free Wi-Fi becomes crucially important if they have to work while waiting.
Q: Is any special attention needed when providing free Wi-Fi?

Ours is a two-storey building and most customers move from one floor to the other in the restaurant, so a steady Internet connection is important.
As receptionists and back office staff also rely on Wi-Fi at the medical center, guest access needs to kept entirely separate. Our service provider set up 802.1 standard encryption in order to protect our network security because we keep a large volume of confidential medical records.
Q: Has it helped your business?

Free Wi-Fi is a selling point and portrays a positive image to customers and prompts them to come back again.
Many people feel that Wi-Fi should be free in places that provide a service, so it has become a fundamental requirement – and if you don’t have it, you’re left out in the cold.
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