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The secret behind the “dood” machine
Octopus with a broadband connection gives rise to strategic advantages
When Octopus meets broadband, the “dood” sound brings obvious advantages such as convenience and express checkout for the retail and service sectors, along with a sharper competitive edge
Broadband energizes Octopus
When Octopus connected with broadband, something changed. Just like a fast car letting rip on a highway, Octopus performance simply took off and so has been warmly welcomed by retailers. More than 50,000 Octopus readers are currently connected to telephone and broadband lines and are in use at points of sale in excess of 3,000 shops.
Aster Cosmetic Center: Monitor branches easily
10 branches in Hong Kong sell 20,000+ cosmetic products

Assistant Marketing Manager Sandy Chiu said it once took two to three days for the whole transaction process to complete, which involved receiving the money, sending it to the bank then verifying with the accounting department. Now the outlets use Octopus with broadband, staff can check sales records and print out transactions with just a click, while management is able to collect sales information from various branches with ease. This is crucial to cosmetic retailers, as competition is intense.
Morrison Express: Simplifies warehouse operations
A global freight-forwarding and logistics service provider with two warehouses at Kwai Tsing Container Terminals that use the Octopus system with a broadband connection.

Mr Wong Tak Wai, Senior Manager of Air Freight and Logistics Department, explained that hundreds of trucks move in and out of the warehouses every day. Thanks to transaction records generated by the Octopus service, management is able to study traffic flows and make appropriate deployments, such as arranging the shipping and receiving of goods.
Tin Yuen Yuannan:: Attracts younger customers
Restaurants all in busy districts occupied by many schools

Mrs Man, the head of the company, pointed out that the restaurant is located near schools, which means the majority of lunchtime customers are students, most of whom use Octopus cards. The convenient option of paying by Octopus attracts youngsters and creates a modern image for the restaurant.
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